We Train Where Its Convenient For You!

Languages Houston offers flexible training schedules


We work with you to expand or accommodate your training needs.

 Have engineers traveling to Kazakhstan and need to learn Russian?

 We can do that!

Have executives coming to Houston who need translation or relocation services?

We can do that too.

Relocating to or from the US for a position at your business or corporation?

 Yes we do that too.


Corporate Classes

All levels (Beginning-Advanced) can be taught in small groups or for Individuals.

Group Classes

Our group classes which give the students plenty of attention and possibilities to interact with each other and the instructor.


If you need more time and extra help with learning a new language our individual classes provide you with that extra attention.

Classes for Children

Learning a new language can be intimidating, we  make sure to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere and playful approach that makes your child enjoy learning.

If you need to buy, sell or rent a property we can assist with that as well - we work with agencies that specialize in those areas.



Spoken in over 30 countries by 400 million people


Spoken in 12 countries by 203 million people



Spoken in 33 countries by over 1.2 billion people

English (ESL)

Spoken in 101 countries by 335 million people


Spoken in 60 countries by over 241 million people


Spoken in 51 countries by over 75 million people


Spoken in 16 countries by over 165 million people