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Corporate Classes

All levels (Beginning-Advanced) can be taught in small groups or in . Conversations and grammar are reinforced via dialogues, you will be able to communicate with other students and your foreign friends even after your first class. Our classes are affordable and customizable. Call us today to schedule your free assessment.

Group Classes

Our group classes which give the students plenty of attention and possibilities to interact with each other and the instructor.
We make our lessons flexible and personal because we are commited to help you make the maximum progress in the time that you have.

Individual Classes


If you need more time and extra help with learning a new language our individual classes provide you with that extra attention.
Courses can be tailored to your specific learning goals. Whether it is a new job opportunity, travelling, or a personal enrichment - We are here to help!

Classes for Children

Learning a new language can be intimidating, we  make sure to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere and playful approach that makes your child enjoy learning.
Every lesson is a small adventure where words and simplified concepts of grammar are emphasized and learned through games and practice sessions.
We make every lesson memorable for your child - motivating them to learn more and more!


Translation is of paramount importance in todays global society. We provide the skills and expertise to help you with taking those documents, situations or events to a new level.
We are there to confidently ensure you know exactly what is happening and how you can clearly convey your message to your clients or counterparts in their native language.

Learn and Travel

Our learn and travel program provides tours from selected countries to travel to the US and develop language skills that can only be learned in an immersion environment.
We limit our Learn and Travel groups to a specific region or language per year. Our current Learn and Travel program focuses on the country of Russia.

What can be better than travel to one of the biggest states of US and learn English with a native speaker instructors. We offer 2-3 week intensive course of English for foreign students from different countries.



Spoken in over 30 countries by 400 million people


Spoken in 12 countries by 203 million people



Spoken in 33 countries by over 1.2 billion people

English (ESL)

Spoken in 101 countries by 335 million people


Spoken in 60 countries by over 241 million people


Spoken in 51 countries by over 75 million people


Spoken in 16 countries by over 165 million people