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Languages Houston is the leading educational school providing corporate clients and individuals with high level language training.

A woman owned business founded in 2010 by Helen Jackson - a Russian native speaker fully bilingual in English -

Languages Houston has become an active trainer and educator in the Energy Corridor.

Helen earned her linguistics degree in the Russian Federation and moved to the United States in 2007.

Since then she has worked for a number of schools as a Russian teacher.

It was her devotion to native speaker language education that prompted her to open her school.

Since 2010 Helen has provided classes and supervised the education of hundreds of students in various languages.

Helen has built an excellent team of professionals working towards the goal of educating clients with the help of native speakers.

Being a teacher and a linguist, Helen knows how important it is to devote time to each client to better understand their wants and needs.

We are proud to provide a wider range of languages for professionals and individuals in the greater Houston area.

Come visit us - your effort and our expertise will make sure you succeed in learning a new language!



Spoken in over 30 countries by 400 million people


Spoken in 12 countries by 203 million people



Spoken in 33 countries by over 1.2 billion people

English (ESL)

Spoken in 101 countries by 335 million people


Spoken in 60 countries by over 241 million people


Spoken in 51 countries by over 75 million people


Spoken in 16 countries by over 165 million people